The TPG Ryder Cup (Members Only)
8:00 AM08:00

The TPG Ryder Cup (Members Only)

Two teams. The highest Tiny Cup points holders among the field are captains.

Your draft order will indicate who you’re matched against (#2 pick for team USA plays #2 pick for team Europe, #3 plays #3 and so on). Match-play matches will be played and the team with the most winning players will take home all the cash.

Players will get 90% of their course adjusted handicap.

Ties will be settled the old fashion way: Captains will putt-off using the infamous Tiny Putter.

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The Gambino Open
7:30 AM07:30

The Gambino Open


Inspired by the Gambino crime family spirit, this event will be a gambler's paradise. Below is an a'la carte menu of gambling options for you to buy into. Choose one, chose two, choose them all. It's up to you. Add up your tab and send $$ along with your greens fee buy-in.


Skins (Net/Gross)

Best Score (Net/Gross)


Long Drive

or... bet "the house." (We set a front 9/back 9/18 hole line based off your adjusted course handicap, and if you think you can beat it then put your money where your mouth is.)


Additionally, each group can choose their own inner-group format for which we you can select cash on the gambling menu to pay out at the tourney: Wolf, 6/6/6, Vegas, two player best ball, etc. It's up to you. 

**Please be specific when RSVP-ing if you'd like to be partnered with a specific person/people.**

ENTRY FEE (NO BETS INCLUDED): Send $$ via Venmo @tinyputters
$65 Golf + cart + food and beverage


$75 Golf + cart + food and beverage

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4th Annual Tiny Putters Masters (Members Only)
11:00 AM11:00

4th Annual Tiny Putters Masters (Members Only)


The first major of the season—and it’s for Tiny Putters members only. Individual stroke play. No one else to blame or congratulate, but yourself.

Payouts for the top three Gross and top three Net with a sweetened prize pot because, again, it’s just for Tiny Putters members. Ohhhh right! How could we forget... best overall gross score gets some extra laundry in the form of a medium 40L Green Jacket.

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Shake Off The Rust
9:00 AM09:00

Shake Off The Rust

  • Sepulveda Golf Comples - Encino Course (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Happy friggin' new year everybody! We are SO pumped to be back at it for the 2019 season and will be rolling out details for all the killer new stuff we have planned for this year over the next few weeks.

No official tournament format for this one. Though side games are expected and... frankly, encouraged. Which also means that members and non-members will be the same price since we're just playing for fun.

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