Straight from the golfers' mouths!

We had an outstanding time. The tourney could not have been better.
— Chris L.
The TPGL was very accommodating. I felt like everything happened very smoothly and with precision. I would highly recommend this league to all my friends in Los Angeles. No matter what skill level. Definitely playing next year..
— Steven P.
The games were creative and the guys were hilarious. You never know who you’ll be matched with but, regardless, you know you’re in for a good time.

The TPGL itself met our expectations and was very fun and affordable. I’ve told all my co-workers and the jealousy is palpable.
— Scott F.
The guys at the TPGL made sure that everyone was well looked after and always happy about everything. I can only make a few tournaments last year but enjoyed every one of them.

I was so happy to get my PGA handicap and keep improving next year.
— Derek B.
To have enjoyed this extraordinary golf league in Los Angeles is both a treat and a privilege. I am just a beginner golfer but I love how they level the playing field and give even guys like me a chance to win.
— Matt W.
It is what I would call a solid 5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 10 out of 10.
— Austin K.