RankPlayer NameEvents/OutingsPointsPoints Behind Lead
1Mitch Allen101,350--
2Joe Daly71125225
3Austin Keneshea161100250
4Evan Michael71050300
5Tom Kondo81025325
6Michael Lucks5925425
T7Mark Dinets7900450
T7Rob Mor7900450
8Jonathan Wagoner5825525
9Ted Michelson6775575
10Luke Roberts4750600
11Derek Brown8725625
T12Alberto Vasquez9675675
T12Gus Altuzarra4675675
T12Tom White7675675
T13Marcus Wolfhagen6650700
T13Scott Fluhler10650700
T14Alex Jurdi8625725
T14Kiel Holmes6625725
15Stephen Francis4575775
16Charlie Glick6550800
T17Brian Waldera2500850
T17Matt McCleary5500850
T17Mike Mountain2500850
T18Amanda Arnold3450900
T18Ashley Codd3450900
T18James Huckle1450900
T18Jon Chuan1450900
T19Benjamin Sales5425925
T19Kurt Schiele4425925
T20Artie McCann3400950
T20Corey Black2400950
21Niko Buntich5375975
T22Hilton Carpenter13501,000
T22Jackson Barron13501,000
T22Jeff Meinecke23501,000
T22Josh Hoffman13501,000
T22Jonathan Coe63501,000
23Kyle Jones63251,025
24Oscar Ibarra43001,050
T25Jacob Kovner42751,075
T25Jeff Copher32751,075
T25Sean Finkelberg32751,075
T26Alex Schiefer42501,100
T26Rahul Sidhu12501,100
T27Kenny Hirahara22251,125
T28Blake Blivas12001,150
T28Matt Heaney22001,150
T28Rene Perez22001,150
T28Saint Lovett22001,150
T28Stuart Fagan22001,150
T29Andrew Carpenter11501,200
T29Beau Sullivan21501,200
T29Christian Gerhardt31501,200
T29Jared Lanctot21501,200
T29Jared Yamahata21501,200
T29Joseph Kim31501,200
T29Jordan Elder21501,200
T29Josh Bachove21501,200
T29Michael Eyler21501,200
T29Ryan Balderian11501,200
T29Trevor White21501,200
T30Blake Carroll21001,250
T30Derick Gallegos21001,250
T30Kevin Greenup21001,250
T30Mate Vicovic21001,250
T30Paul Posillico11001,250
T30Peterson Loftin21001,250
T30Steven Lease21001,250
T30Steven Page21001,250
T30Tim Hummel11001,250
T30Tyler Dodgion11001,250
T31Daniel Carcana2751,275
T31Edward Fensholt2751,275
T31Scott Stanley2751,275
T32Alastor Arnold1501,300
T32Charlie McLean1501,300
T32Chris Margaronis1501,300
T32Jon Rawlings1501,300
T32Jordan Snyder1501,300
T32Rogelio Villarreal1501,300
T32Sam Shapiro1501,300
T32Sophie McFaul1501,300
T32Tim Neven1501,300
T32Tyler Cole1501,300
T32Zander Wylie1501,300
T33Alex King1251,325
T33Ben Kaplan1251,325
T33Bob Ring1251,325
T33Jason Freeley1251,325
T33Jordan Novak1251,325


Functioning like the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup Points system, Tiny Putters members earn Tiny Cup points from attending tournaments, placing in tournaments and playing rounds with other Tiny Putters.

Tiny Cup points began with our Shake the Rust Off event on 1/27 and run through the TPG Championship in November. Please see schedule for dates and formats.

NOTE: Only Tiny Putters members are eligible for the Tiny Cup.


Eligible Tournaments:

Three Major Events (Master’s, Ryder Cup and TPG Championship) + Eight Non-Major Official Events + Bracket of Doom

Tournament (Top 3 Per Flight) (Individual format):

  • 1st - 150 pts

  • 2nd - 125 pts

  • 3rd - 100 pts

Tournament (Group format):

  • 1st - 150 pts/player

  • 2nd - 125 pts/player

  • 3rd - 100 pts/player

Major Tournament (Top 3 Per Flight) (Individual format):

  • 1st - 300 pts

  • 2nd - 250 pts

  • 3rd - 200 pts

Major Tournament (Ryder Cup):

  • 1st - 300 pts/player

  • Win matchup - 100 pts/player

Tournament Participation:

  • 50 pts/tournament

Major Tournament Participation:

  • 100 pts/tournament

Bracket of Doom Participation:

  • 50 pts/match

Bracket of Doom Wins:

  • 50 pts/win

Outing Participation (Outing rules detailed below):

  • 25 pts/event


Payout top 4 at the end of the season:

1 - $150 + Trophy + Tito’s Prize Pack

2 - $100 + Bottle of Tito’s

3 - $75 + Bottle of Tito’s

4 - $50 + Bottle of Tito’s

Final four will play a round, net stroke play in December to determine final standings.

*NOTE: Austin and Scott not eligible for year end point payouts - sad, but also, duh.


  • Tiny Cup points are for members only

  • In Bracket of Doom, you get participation points PLUS bonus points if you win your match

  • Points accrue from the day the member joins the league

  • Outings: An outing is any golfing event where 4 or more league members get together and play a round. No tournament format is needed. Only need to send scorecards to Austin or Scott to qualify.